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Welcome to the WorkLife Café

We hope to inspire a better way of working and living through the WorkLife® Café.  People worldwide are struggling to juggle all the demands of work and life. Supporting work/life balance has positive implications for our; health, families, communities, workplaces, healthcare system, and even our planet.  Join us  for a cup of  inspiration. 

Our Team

Charlene Levis, MA. CPHR. (Certified HR Professional) established WorkLife® in 1998 when she chose to give up her 9-5 job so that she could fit work around the schedule of her children. Charlene has been passionate about work/life topics ever since.

Sandra Verhoeff, Graphic Designer and owner of Signet Studio is the creator of the look of the WorkLife Café™, including all graphics and innovative product designs. Sandra’s business is also home-based so that she has the flexibility to manage her work/life responsibilities.


WorkLife® is better with balance!

Research proves strategies that promote work/life balance help attract, engage and retain top performers and improve workplace health and productivity.

WorkLife® testimonial:

The WorkLife website is a fantastic resource that mirrors what we’re seeing and hearing from work-life professionals and work-family advocates across the country. Jessica Glen, Communications Director, Workplace Flexibility 2010, Georgetown Law, Washington,DC


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  • Our Inspiration

    At WorkLife® our goal is to promote small changes that help people achieve a happier and healthier work/life balance which contributes to workplace success . Research proves small changes really can make a big difference.

    In Small is Beautiful; Economics as if People Mattered, (1973) E.F. Schumacher encouraged "studying the possibilities of alternative methods of production and patterns of living ~ so as to get off the collision course on which we are moving with ever-increasing speed".

    WorkLife® cuts through the information clutter to find up-to-date, practical work/life solutions for you and your workplace.

    We promote ideas like small changes in work / life style or work hours, that can help people more effectively integrate work and life, improve workplace health and effectiveness, and may even help our environment by promoting changes in commuting and power consumption patterns that can reduce carbon emissions.

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