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Back at it!

Back at it!

BackAtItYay, it’s September and I’m back at it, writing blog posts!
Much refreshed after an awesome summer break. So, WELCOME BACK!

As much as I love summer, September is one of my favorite times of year because of the back-to-school excuse to stock up on stationery, make a new ‘timetable’ and plan!

So here’s a WorkLife Tip ) Create a Weekly Timetable.  September is a great time for re-evaluating plans and schedules and thinking about work/life balance. Creating a weekly ‘timetable’ like we use in school can be helpful in deciding whether we’re trying to fit in too many regularily scheduled activities, or scheduling time in a way that reflects our current work/life priorities. Leaving some regularily unscheduled time every week helps us fit in the unexpected, catch up on chores, or even better just kick back and enjoy family, friends or me time. I’m still a fan of pen/cil and paper for planning. If you are too check out the WorkLife planners including a weekly planner on the FREE! page.

Do you have a suggestion for work/life blog topics, or a great idea you’d like to share?

Use the contact us form under about to reach me, I love new ideas 🙂