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Information Overload? No Rabbit Holes!

Information Overload? No Rabbit Holes!

NoRabbitHoles_150 Dealing with Information Overload.  A major source of overload these days is information.  Too Much Information (TMI) coming at us, through e-mail, always on smart-phones, and TMI available through the choice of endless television and radio channels, the infinite internet, and more.

So, a couple of ideas …

Don’t go down the Rabbit Hole for an adventure into the unknown, following one information link after another on the internet. Set Limits!

Limit your time! Decide how much time you will spend on or off line. For example: fifteen minutes before coffee or lunch, or electronics free evenings, or whatever works for you. Stick to it.

Limit your topics! Decide on your top 3 – 5 need-to-know topics, interests or sites. UNSUBSCRIBE to emails that are not on your top 3-5 list!

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