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Stressed?  Get Back to Basics!

Stressed? Get Back to Basics!

Back2Basics  One of the first things I do when feeling out of balance is become serious about setting priorities and taking non-essential items off the list. Here are two of my favourite Back to Basics Strategies.

My Go-To~Question: if I could only get 1 thing done (today, in the next hour, when I sit down at my desk, when I do errands, or ____) what would that be? Do that. Repeat as needed. When I am forced to choose only 1 thing prioritizing is easier. This relates to The Pareto Principle: 20% of activities produce 80% of results. I got in the habit of asking myself this go-to-question when my kids were little and I realized there was a good chance the day would not go as planned!

Calendar Management: When booking appointments or adding to-do’s to my calendar I differentiate between events that are related to key goals, and work/life priorities ~ command peformance/must do events, and those that are optional/nice to do ~ tentative. When life gets too busy tentative committments start coming off the list (or clicked and dragged to a new date ~ a great feature of electronic calendars!).  I imagine many of you have a similar or better system, but here’s a bit more info. about mine.

Command Performances/Must Do: are written in pen, or color coded in my electronic calendar. These are only missed or changed as a last resort.
Tentative: are written in pencil or marked with a T (tentative) in front of the item in my electronic calendar. When discussing these events with others I let them know my committment is tentative by saying something like: “I’d like to _________ if I have time, I’ll note it in my calendar and get back to you if I can make it.”

So, events like: a Family Birthday, Medical appointment or Key Project Milestones, are Command Performance/written in Pen or color coded, while attending an informational lecture, or a regular coffee date with a friend might be written in pencil or marked with a T and confirmed, if time.

I hope this is helpful.  I’d love to hear your ideas and work/life tips.  On my list of things to do today )  turn on blog comments 🙂