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The Roseto Effect and Why it Matters to you.

In our world, we have to be particularly vigilant to nurture connection, community and meaning, because so many forces conspire to distract us from ourselves.
Mark Hyman, M.D. The UltraMind Solution.

The Roseto Effect
Research shows connection with family and friends contributes to better health, longevity and stronger families. ‘Medical researchers were drawn to study a close-knit Italian-American community in Roseto, Pennsylvania by a bewildering statistic: in defiance of medical logic, Rosetans died of heart attacks at a rate of only half of the rest of America. Their research confirmed the importance of social networks in health and longevity.’ (check out the research here).

So, Get Connected! You could live longer, plus it’s more FUN!.
Here’s some ideas to try.

Reconnect after being apart:  At the end of the work day or after being apart, spend time sitting together, with or without a lot of talking, maybe sharing a cup of tea or a snack.  This important ritual helps re-establish your family rhythm.  Maybe this is why water-cooler chats at work can be so popular.

Reach Out: Talk to a neighbour; call a friend to chat or make a date to do something together; plan a walk, a game or a movie night. You can also connect with people by volunteering, or signing up for that course you’ve always wanted to take.

Share a meal: Invite people over for a potluck or a one-pot dinner. Keep things informal and fun. It’s more likely to happen that way.

The Magic of the Family Meal.
When it comes to family, make an extra effort to share a family meal. There is a growing body of research about the many benefits of family mealtime as described in this powerful quote;  “….there is something about a shared meal…that anchors a family even on nights when the food is fast and the talk cheap and everyone has someplace else they’d rather be. And on those evenings when the mood is right and the family lingers, caught up in an idea or an argument explored in a shared safe place where no one is stupid or shy or ashamed, you get a glimpse of the power of this habit and why social scientists say such communion acts as a kind of vaccine, protecting kids from all manner of harm.”  The Magic of the Family Meal, Nancy Gibbs. Time.com, Sunday, Jun. 04, 2006

Take 5 for a better balance!

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